About Measure A

  • Measure A is a $48.5 million bond measure that was approved at the June 4, 2012, election which authorizes funding to modernize, replace, renovate, expand, construct, acquire, equip, furnish and otherwise improve the classrooms and school facilities of the District. Measure A allows Lincoln USD to make the following improvements throughout the District:

    • Repair or replace leaky roofs
    • Improve student access to computers and modern technology
    • Renovate, repair, construct and/or upgrade classrooms, restrooms and school facilities
    • Repair or replace outdated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems with building code compliant, energy efficient systems
    • Make health, safety, and security improvements throughout the District, such as installing security fencing, cameras, and lighting
    • Federal and State-mandated Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility upgrades including site access, parking, staff and student restrooms, relocation of some existing electrical devices, drinking fountains, playground equipment, etc.
    • Upgrade/construct playgrounds, play structures and athletic fields and facilities for school and community use
    • Repair and upgrade roofs, walls, and floors
    • Install, replace or upgrade fire alarm and security systems
    • Repair or replace outdated windows
    • Replace temporary portable classrooms with permanent classrooms or renovate existing portable classrooms
    • Make facility improvements to increase the District’s energy efficiency, including installing solar panels
    • Upgrade school site parking, utilities and grounds
    • Upgrade, renovate and equip labs, multipurpose rooms, the theater building and classrooms, food service facilities, auditoriums, libraries, and other school facilities
    • Replace existing wiring systems to meet current electrical and accessibility codes and increased capacity
    • Federal and State-mandated Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) safety upgrades including playground equipment replacement
    • Abate and remove hazardous materials identified prior or during construction
    • Upgrade and expand telecommunications
    • Repair, replace and/or upgrade paved surfaces, turf, and other grounds to eliminate safety hazards and improve outside instructional areas

    Bond Oversight Committee’s Purpose:
    California State law requires that a Citizens’ Oversight Committee (COC) be appointed by the Board of Education within 60 days of their certification of the election results. The purposes of the Committee are:

    • To actively monitor all Measure A projects and expenditures
    • To provide proper oversight, controls, and accountability to ensure that Measure A funds are used as they were intended
    • To make regular reports to the community at large on the progress of Measure A projects

    Duties of the Committee:

    Members of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee will meet on a regular basis to provide input regarding overall bond program, budget and financing, program management, and construction schedules. Responsibilities may include the following:

    • Ensure Measure A funds are spent only on projects listed in the Measure A project list and that no funds are used for any teacher or administrative salaries or general school operating expenses
    • To advise District staff on specific projects, as well as the overall Lincoln USD plans.
    • Receive and review copies of the annual performance and financial audits of Measure A
    • Inspect school facilities and grounds to ensure compliance with Measure A
    • Review deferred maintenance plans
    • Provide information to the public on the progress of Measure A projects

    Membership position(s) that applicant is qualified to fill.

    The California Education Code requires that the COC have at least one member representing each of the first five categories.

    • Active in a business organization representing the business community
    • Active in a senior citizens’ organization
    • Active member of a bona fide taxpayer organization
    • Parent or guardian of a Lincoln USD student
    • Parent or guardian active in the Lincoln USD PTA/PTSA or school site council
    • At-large community member

    Members must be able to complete at least one term (two years) as a member of the COC and refrain from becoming an employee, vendor, contractor, or consultant of the school district during such time period.
    Members of the COC will be required to file financial disclosure/conflict of interest statements pursuant to rules and forms established by the Fair Political Practices Commission.
    It is the policy of the Lincoln Unified School District not to unlawfully discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, color, religion, marital status, age or mental or physical disability in the educational programs or activities which it operates.